Choosing the Right Sheet Metal Fabrication Vendor for Your Business

Choosing the Right Sheet Metal Fabrication Vendor for Your Business

How to Find the Right Sheet Metal Fabrication Vendor

When it comes to finding the right sheet metal fabrication vendor for your business, there is a lot to consider. A quick search might find a dozen or so good companies, but how do you choose between them? From cost to convenience, here are some of the things you should consider when picking a vendor to fabricate your sheet metal parts.

What to Look for in a Sheet Metal Fabrication Vendor

Quality Machines

A quality sheet metal fabrication vendor will use quality, cutting-edge technologies to provide the best results possible. When making parts from sheet metal, a wide variety of machining centers and techniques are needed. From laser cutting to bending to hardware insertion, sheet metal fabrication requires the right machines. Choosing a vendor with these machines means you get flexibility and efficiency in your fabrication needs.

Experienced Machinists

Machined sheet metal parts are all unique and a single part may require many diverse steps in the fabrication process. Along with using the correct machines and machining centers, a sheet metal fabrication vendor needs to employ an experienced team that can handle every stage of production. Don’t hesitate to ask a prospective sheet metal fabrication vendor about their staff training and experience. Expert engineers, designers, and machinists make a difference to a finished part.

Cost & Time Savings

The greatest benefit of a sheet metal fabrication vendor with the right machines and the right operators is that you can end up with significant cost and time savings. From the quick interchangeability of machine parts to the work ethic of the staff, using the right vendor can optimize production and cost of materials and machining. 

Quality Control

Once a part is made, the same sheet metal fabrication vendor should be able to ensure quality control. Look for a vendor with an ISO 9001:2015 certification. A good facility will also have in-house laser scanning systems for flat part verification as well as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) to measure three-dimensional geometries. Quality parts also come from the quality of the vendor/company relationship. Choose a sheet metal fabrication vendor who displays long-term relationships with other clients and vendors. 

Customer Service

Having good machines and experienced operators is nothing if the company you choose for your sheet metal fabrication needs doesn’t provide top-quality customer service. The right vendor will listen to your needs, work with you from design all the way to finishing, and respond quickly to changes should they arise. 

Comprehensive Service

You wouldn’t buy meat from one grocery store, then go to another to buy bread. So why would you choose a sheet metal fabrication vendor who can’t provide end-to-end services? Pick a sheet metal fabrication vendor with a wide variety of capabilities. Services such as laser cutting, water jet cutting, CNC punching, hardware insertion, and finishing are important to take you from concept to completed part.

Downfalls of Using the Wrong Sheet Metal Fabrication Vendor

Choosing the wrong vendor for your sheet metal fabrication needs can lead to disaster. Missed deadlines, inconsistent quality, and lack of communication can mean pushing back your product debut or disappointing waiting consumers. 

Why Choose Ometek as Your Sheet Metal Fabrication Vendor?

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