What our satisfied customers are saying

“Ometek is a company that wants to be an extension of our business. They make the effort to match us up with the people within their organization who know us and our products best. They’re very collaborative, and they often present us with different ideas and approaches for meeting our needs. Working with Ometek gives us a great feeling of a true partnership. They are on the right path, and our success is tied to our supplier’s success.”

Brenda P., Power Conversion and Power Transformation


“Ometek is a true partner. They are willing to work with us on creating stocking strategies, holding inventory, and reducing lead times. Unlike many other suppliers, Ometek gets engaged and they go the extra mile to understand our business. The quality is great, capabilities are solid, and they offer a turnkey solution. Plus they are very responsive, which makes our job easier. We feel like they value our business, and Ometek is in the top 10 in our supply chain.”

Melanie J., Airfield Lighting and Controls


“Ometek is easy to work with. Their people are a sharp group, and every interaction is professional. They always respond quickly, which has been an issue with some of our other suppliers. And if we have an 11th hour need, they are generally able to step up and get the job done. They have also been proactive about recommendations for our reducing our costs, and that’s very impressive.”

Art R., Power Supply Industry


“A few years ago, we outsourced some of our manufacturing overseas. But we came back to Ometek. They are the ultimate resource for us, providing a variety of services we need under one roof, which makes us more efficient and reduces our total cost of doing business. Our high-tech product demands high level skill sets, and we get that from Ometek. They are very progressive about keeping up with technology. And they take the time to understand and know our business, fulfilling all our needs.”

Eric W., Commercial Printing Industry