What is Copper Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is a broad term for the variety of manufacturing processes that use sheet metal to build structures, machines, and more. While these processes utilize a wide range of materials, from steel to aluminum, the available fabrication options often depend on the metal’s unique features, such as hardness and malleability. One such metal, copper, is incredibly popular with manufacturers and customers alike, due to its useful properties and distinctive look. Learn all about the copper fabrication process with the experts from Ometek below!

What makes copper a good choice for sheet metal fabrication?

Copper has skyrocketed in consumer popularity in the past few years, and is used to make everything from mugs to industrial equipment. But it’s also extremely popular among fabrication companies due to its beneficial properties. Copper is best known for its:

  • Malleability- Copper is extremely malleable, making it easy to shape.
  • Conductivity- Copper is extremely conductive, and excels at electrical and heat conduction.
  • Corrosion resistance- The molecular makeup of copper helps slow the rate of corrosion.
  • Economical- Copper can be surprisingly affordable, as its easy handling, forming, and joining can reduce labor costs.

These features make copper an ideal choice for a range of applications and industries. Some of the most effective uses of copper include:

  • Gutters and roofing
  • Electrical wiring for equipment and vehicles.
  • Telecommunications cables and equipment.
  • Improved existing renewable energy technology. 

Copper is effective in a variety of industries and applications, but the first step is finding a company that is experienced and capable in copper fabrication! At Ometek, we have the ability to handle any copper fabrication job quickly and efficiently, so you can move ahead with your project. 

What are the different types of copper fabrication?

Copper can be made into just about anything you want, however, there are three basic types of copper sheet metal fabrication that your project will use in some form. These copper fabrication services include: 

Copper sheet metal rolling

Rolling sheet metal is a process that involves putting sheets of material between two constantly rotating rolls. This process can achieve two results: It can reduce the thickness of a copper sheet, or it can alter the grain structure of a copper sheet. While this is a common process, copper sheet metal rolling does run the risk of creating defects

Copper sheet metal bending

Copper sheet metal bending uses a specific bending machine to achieve different results, such as:

  • A specific radius of bend
  • A precise bend angle
  • An accurate bend in a precise area of your copper metal sheet

Copper sheet metal stamping

Copper metal stamping is a manufacturing process in which copper is cut and then formed into precise shapes. The most common form of sheet metal stamping is done through cold forming operations. Some common factors that will affect stamping are:

  • The copper’s thickness
  • The desired shape
  • Your budget

Copper fabrication with Ometek

Copper fabrication is an effective method of utilizing copper, but it needs to be done by a professional sheet metal manufacturing company to help realize the material’s full potential. At Ometek, we can complete your copper fabrication project quickly and professionally. As the leading metal fabrication company in Central Ohio and the midwest, we have considerable experience in welding, sheet metal fabrication, and precision machining. Our technical knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment ensures that your copper fabrication job is done on time and cost effectively. Contact us today to learn more.